Derek P.
Los Angeles, CA
Superior work at a fair price. It was a nice, clear morning. A friend needed help to move from his Temple City home to Lawndale. This was a calling for the Beast, aka Land Barge. This 17 footer, 2.8 ton-er met the needs to move the last bit of large furniture left in TC. So, this guy decides to back out the Beast and make his way to TC. Were both mirrors checked before reversing? Nope. Crunch. What was that? Jumped out of the truck only to find that there was a rental car parked in the driveway. The little rental car's mirror jabbed into the Beast's quarter panel. Literally, a scratch was all that was left in the rental car's mirror, but the Beast, being a drama queen, decides to buckle its quarter panel. The damage was done and friend is still in need of help. Hopped on the 10, and headed west. It was nice to have the freeway close to home, back in the C-town days. Anyway, the move was successful, but the Beast was injured. A phone call was made to Expo. They did great work on an old commuter and it was decided they can patch up the drama queen's quarter panel. Turn around was in 5 days. That's pretty quick when considering the Beast's Arctic Frost Pearl requires several coats of different paints to match. The body lines were matched perfectly as well as the paint. Seamless. 3 years after the incident, the paint is still holding up. Expo offers a lifetime warranty on their work, so if the paint fades - which is doubtful - they'll repaint it. 5 stars for normal damage repairs. 4 stars for custom work. That's another story.
Mel 'Mel' S.
Arcadia, CA
This body shop is awesome Ive referred a ton of clients of mine to this place and have also fixed my own personal cars here as well. Their service is great, friendly and they are quick. I just stopped by to get my back light replaced, and I was out of there within 15 minutes.

Their office is nice also - Im not saying its fancy, but compared ot majority of the body shops Ive been to. They have clean leather sofas, a big screen TV and refridgerated water bottles. lol.

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